Black Mountain Ctr. for Research and Development

CCG was instrumental in leading the final phase of the 77-acre Research and Technology Park's Certification through the North Carolina Certified Sites Program (NCCSP). Solutions: wetland delineation, permit analysis, mitigation analysis, Ph. 1 Archaeological

Emanuel County HS Busloop

CCG advanced permitting needs by characterizing wetland areas, eliminating Endangered Species concerns, and minimizing mitigation needs, all of which were of detriment to the project's roadway. Solutions: wetland delineation, NWP permit, mitigation analysis, Endangered Species Survey


We bring a dynamic atmosphere to the consulting arena. With our staff of former Regulatory Agents, Technology Experts, and proven Program Managers we can provide the necessary compliment to your team, and together, form a successful solution that achieves the project's goal.

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"...Cushman (Consulting Group) has always been professional, immediately responsive, extremely intelligible, and always lowest cost on competative bids; plus they have great respect with the Corps." ~Bryan County BOE & James W. Buckley & Associates, Inc.

"...Cushman (Consulting Group) has been very responsive to our clients' needs and has met our schedule and budget constraints. The deliverables have been clear, thorough, and presented in a professional manner. Overall, Cushman has provided excellent service... We would not hesistate to use their firm on future projects" ~Woolpert, Inc.

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